Skid Row Essay

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Los Angeles, California, a beautiful city known for its glamourous celebrities, lovely palm trees, huge Hollywood sign and luxury homes. California is home to millions of people and has many tourist attractions. Los Angeles is known for its scenic beaches along the Pacific Ocean, but it is not known for having poverty and homeless roaming around. The city that is home to the iconic “Hollywood” is filled with glamour; the glamourous nature of this city does very little to cover the dark side of poverty. Poverty is a great issue in California that people seem to overlook because of this it is a serious problem. Instead of fixing poverty, the Los Angeles Police Department tries to contain the homeless population to fifty blocks of poverty, a neighborhood known as Skid Row. Los Angeles, California, the place many people call home; this is the place many people live out on the streets. Poverty may be in every state, but there is no poverty like Skid Row. Skid Row, a fifty block radius of poverty has an extremely interesting history. Located in downtown Los Angeles, Skid Row is filled with drug users, predominantly people of color and…show more content…
(History of Skid Row) Los Angeles was calling out for help and they were receiving it after about twenty years of poverty expanding beyond control. Skid Row now had shelters for the homeless and clinics for the ill. However, it was affecting the surrounding communities as well, and their result was to send the people that they could not “save” in to Skid Row. This caused for the population to grow instead of stabilizing or decaying it. Skid Row’s population is now thousands of people, including children growing up in
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