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Skeptical Thinking: How to Avoid Falling Victim to Baloney

In this article Sagan has presented many tools for identifying fact from fiction. He provides guidelines on what we should look for as we determine the validity of an argument. In this essay I will focus on examples of how the United States government has made decisions not succumb to public opinion but instead to use facts in determining its course of action.
The home mortgage crisis, which became an economic fiasco for many, sparked extreme criticism and debate amongst all. It is fair for the government, and in essence all taxpayers, to bail out everyone, help no one or determine who really needs and deserves help?
To take action to help all homeowners who found themselves underwater in their mortgages when the real estate bubble burst would not have been in the best interest of our economy. A closer look at this issue identifies roughly three classes of homeowners: those who purchased homes at prices clearly above their means, those who were financially responsible and purchased what they could afford and those who may not have faced an extreme hardship in meeting their obligations but may have been looking for an opportunity to get out of a financially unfavorable situation.
While the sharp downturn in home values could not have been predicted, I believe that the government took the appropriate approach in handling the situation. Favoring any one of these classes of homeowners would have placed our economy in a perilous situation and labeled our government as an enabler. The governments’ answer to this situation was to design various programs to help most classes of homeowners (e.g. FHA Back to Work Program, USDA, and Making Home Affordable). Federally mand...

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...istory. Protests and vigils were held across the nation and attended by all people, of all races, ethnicities, social standing, rich, poor, celebrities and government officials, highlighting the injustice that was obviously served.
The media has chosen to make this case about race. In my opinion, this case is about much more than race. The stand your ground law is at its core a dangerous law and should be revised or repealed entirely. The opportunity to highlight the extreme flaws in the stand your ground law was lost.
As a spectator during the trial, it became clear to me early in the case that the prosecution was not effective in proving their case. The verdict by the jury still stands. The fear that an acquittal in this case would lead to open season on young, black men has not come to pass, thankfully. My fear is that no one is safe, regardless race.
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