Skeletal System Of The Human Body

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The human body is made up of 12 different systems. Each system has a separate function while some do work together. One system is called skeletal system which is to serve as a support the body, mineral storage, energy storage (fat), blood cell production, movement (leverage), and protect the internal organs. (Martini, 112). With the help of the muscular system, it keeps us moving and makes us to do tasks that we don’t think about like swinging the arms while running. The average adult skeleton has 206 bones that are joined together by ligaments (bone to bone) and tendons (muscles to bone) to make a protective framework for the tissues and muscles. The vital organs are also protected by the skeleton, brain is covered with skull just like heart…show more content…
The food we consume everyday has a vitamin and the mineral that our body can store and can store directly into our bones. In a bone, there is a space within the shaft and that’s where the most of the vitamins are stored in. “Bone is a reservoir for minerals, most importantly calcium and phosphate” (Marieb 176). The minerals that are stored will released into the bloodstream to distribute to the parts of all body. Blood cell formation occurs in the marrow cavities in certain bones (176). There are two types of bone marrow: red marrow, which consists mainly of hematopoietic tissue and yellow marrow which consists of fat cells. Red marrow, Hematopoietic tissue is found in the trabecular cavities of the spongy bone. Red marrows are typically found in the long bones and in the flat bones of spongy bones. At birth, all bone marrows are red and as we age over the years, more and more of its red marrow converted to yellow type. The blood cell production in typical adult bone happens in the head of the femur and humerus because the “fat containing medullary cavity extends into epiphysis and not much red marrow is present in the spongy bone cavities” (179). When osteoclasts break down the bone, tis mineral components like calcium and phosphorus will be sent back into the blood…show more content…
There is moving joints where it allows a person to either bend or twist. However, some of the joints allow us to move in freely motion while others only allow little movement at all. There are two kinds of joints. One of the joints is called hinge joint which tolerates movements back and forth in the single direction or it connects the upper part of the body, humerus, ulna, and the lower part. A ball and socket joint is also another joint that allows for a lot of movement in all directions possible like a ball in a socket (Marieb 259). Shoulders and hips are the example of the ball and socket joint. The muscles are connected to bones by tendons, bones are connected to each other by other bones itself. Also, the bones are held together at the joint by ligaments. The ligament is like a band of tissue or the white part of the muscle. Between the joints of a bone, rubbery tissue can be found and called cartilage. Cartilage is like the cushion for the bone in which acts as a shock
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