Skateboard Park Pros And Cons

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In this paper I will be discussing the idea of constructing a local skateboard park in Richmond Hill. I will be looking at the pros and cons of building a skateboard park and it’s impacts on society through the use of examples and information I have researched.

Skateboarding is an often misunderstood sport which often has many negative misconceptions and associations made by people who are usually unfamiliar with the sport. Negative stereotypes continue to portray skateboarders as juvenile delinquents with little respect for authority. Skateparks are then looked upon in a similar negative light. Many communities are not able to see the beneficial qualities of building a community skatepark and often overlook the idea of building one. Richmond Hill is one of these communities that has not yet considered the idea of building a community skatepark and I would like to discuss the construction of one. A skatepark is a purpose-built recreational environment created for skateboarding and other sports such as bmx biking and even riding scooters. Skateboard parks regularly consist of different sized ramps, rails and other features that skateboarders can do tricks and skate on. Skateboard parks also regularly contain a Bowl, which is a large area similar to an empty swimming pool for skateboarders to skate in. Skatepark designs have begun to evolve and move away from the fenced in intimidated sea of ramps and has catered more to a “plaza” design which has a much for open concept. Being able to offer our youth a wide variety and range of physical activities to choose from is essential because it allows them to find a form physical activity that they can have the potential to excel at and continue doing. For kids to be able to go out and ...

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... that are linked to that video so Ii have ended watching different documentaries and edits of the sport. I’ve seen the benefits that a skatepark can provide for a community and what a large difference it can make for the young people growing up in that community. A specific video that really made me appreciate what skateparks can do for communities is a video that documented the building of a skatepark on an aboriginal reserve. I’ve researched and have some knowledge of what it is like for people growing up on a reserve and how many negative activities many of the youth have begun to get involved in. For these young people to be able to have a place to go and enjoy a healthy activity is priceless. To watch and see how appreciative and how happy the people of this community were made by the building of the skate park really made me see skateparks in much better light.
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