Skateboading: My Escape

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Recently I wrote a journal responding to “Tortillas,” by Jose Antonio Burciaga, that describes the importance of tortillas to Burciaga’s culture and how his experiences with tortillas have made him who he is today. Relating to Buciaga’s article, I also have a particular story that has helped shape the person I am today. When I was younger I would always go over to my cousin’s house every weekend, and while I was there I would play with his skateboard. Every weekend I would make an attempt to ride it. Later, my parents bought me my own. For the past six years, skateboarding has been part of my life. Although I have had both positive and negative experiences, the positive outweighs the negative experiences significantly. I consider skateboarding more as hobby than a sport. I have been fortunate enough to visit hundreds of skateparks around the country. Each skatepark has unique features that have left a memorable experiences embedded in my brain. Out of all the parks I have skated throughout my six years of skateboarding there is one particular skatepark that has impacted my life, my local skatepark, Mayfair Skatepark. Mayfair Skatepark can be found on Kammerer Ave. in San Jose, California. I have spend a countless amount of hours at Mayfair allowing me to know the park like the back of my hand. First, I notice upon arriving are the black metal fences surrounding the smoothly paved bright red concrete that glistens with the sun. For its unique red floors, Mayfair is known as “Redpark” by the locals. Wondering my eyes around the park, I soon notice a handful of obstacles all around the park such as, handrails, ledges, walls, banks, manual pads, and a small quarter pipe. The wax on the metal coping ledges reflecting off... ... middle of paper ... ...ound. Once I am less than an inch away from the ten-stairs I pop my board as I jump. Instantly, I felt my jump was too soon so I decided to kick my board away and prepare for impact. My left leg made contact with the floor first then I hear a loud “pop!” right before my right leg absorbs impact. Ten months later, I am fully recovered from my A.C.L. surgery and back on the board. My recovery experience was life-changing. Before the injury I skated everyday and being out for ten months made me realize how much I really had. I learned to not take anything for granted and to appreciate my health. My love for skateboarding goes a long way. I plan to skate for the rest of my life. Skateboarding is my way to escape by going into my own world. Skateboarding has allowed me to gain many life experiences through skateboarding that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

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