Six Types Of Love Essay

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Six Types Of Love In Greek Love is formed from all over and everybody has their own interpretations of love. Love is defined in many different ways all in many different place from all around. A question that would be hard to define accurately is , what is the real meaning of love? Love in a summed up way can be described as Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure. You can always love and it be a different way of loving. For example love like a friend, or love sexually. Just like in greek. They have multiple different ways of expressing and explaining love. One type of love in greek is Eros. Eros love is love that is sexual or passionate. This was named after the greek god of fertility. This wasn 't always the positive type of sexual and passion that we think of today. Eros was viewed as dangerous , fiery, and irrational that could take over you and posses you. Eros was frightening to the greeks and this made the greeks feel threatened and as if they were being taken over.…show more content…
This is in contrast to what we hope to find today, today we hope to find all the types of love but finding it all in one person. The greeks lesson to teach was stop trying to find the perfect person with six traits of love all in one. The greeks would say instead to spread it out and try the traits of love by finding it many different people. Nothing will ever be perfect and you might find someone who has the positive couple traits at first but later down the road turn out to be the negative side of the traits of love. The greeks have a diverse system of love. Figuring out how in depth that all six traits of love are in your life could lead you to better, stronger, and happier friendships and you will soon to be changing lives and figuring out how much love you have to share even with a

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