Six Sigma Case Studies

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CASE STUDIES ON SIX SIGMA IN LIBRARIES Many studies have concluded that targeted the verification of the effect of the application of Six Sigma in libraries that the concept of Six Sigma to achieve a number of competitive advantages. It is including improved business performance and streamline business processes and improve the quality of services provided by libraries levels, and that the application of the concept of Six Sigma in libraries needs to unite workers in libraries and support the efforts and participation of all of the process. Here we review some of these studies:  University of Arizona Library, Arizona, US: Six Sigma has been implemented in the University of Arizona library in (2009) as a project runs for seven months in order to improve Document Delivery Service (DDS) that includes ILL (Interlibrary loan), using DMAIC. The staff hired to implement the action plan in the 6 Sigma Corporation specializes in this area and that helped them identify problems in the DDS process. The implementation of 6 Sigma to reduce the time in which it requested materials takes place to 70% from the previous time, as the researchers noted employ suitable for the possibilities of the library to increase production, the researchers noted that the use of libraries 6 Sigma DMAIC or any similar curriculum that works to improve the quality of the process, it can lead to positive results for all current and prospective customers. Every existing operation based on the data set to analyze current processes, identify gaps in the expected and current team approach leads to the discovery and design of improvements to the process of confirming the library services [13].  Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea: Dong-Sug Kim (2010) conducted a... ... middle of paper ... ...pular performance management frameworks. Currently, it uses in the private and public organizations. The BSC is related to the four balanced scorecard perspectives (financial, customer, internal processes, learning and growth), but also in terms of the vision and measuring system. The application of the BSC in libraries concentrates on development their missions, strategic goals, key performance indicators, and to link them to specific operational initiatives [16]. In general, both the BSC and Six Sigma can help libraries to fulfill an important improvement in performance, through utilizing the best practices similar to the design and implementation of the performance of these systems. In order to achieve this positive result, it is intended to support the management of a high standard, along with the strategic alignment and implementation of successful initiatives.

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