Six Sigma Analysis

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Six Sigma in SMES with a Successful Experience in Aeronautics Six sigma is an important tool applied by organizations towards making improvement strategies. Six sigma implementation in SMEs is challenging because of production volumes, size, the degree of employee training, and resources which are normally smaller compared to bigger organizations (Pedro, Garrido vega et al. 8). There are some key factors and obstacles though that influences the implementation of six sigma towards the success of an organization in total quality improvement. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) experience reduced production volumes, increased customization in products, and gradual changes in products among others which fail to present the repetitive nature upon…show more content…
It is meant for high volume and continuous production manufacturing operations. The tool has been applied by leading and big companies in various sectors globally. This article has provided a deeper insight on six sigma applicability in SMEs that have achieved success experience in aeronautics (Pedro, Garrido vega et al. 28). The article evidences that SMEs involved in low volumes in production can achieve success through the application of six sigma and other factors such as resources availability and commitment of the teams involved. Organizations must always strive to improve themselves. They should focus on their performance attributes inherent in the business processes or systems to identify and remove all possible defects that are of critical importance to their customers. Six Sigma is thus a business strategy that allows companies to maximize their profits by optimizing their critical operations, improving quality and eliminating possible barriers. It is a philosophy of work to accomplish, maximize and sustain business success by clearly understanding all the needs of the customer. Embarking on a Six Sigma project means striving to continuously deliver top quality products and service while at the same time eliminating all internal flaws in an organization. Six Sigma is however relevant for any organization that delivers any product or service to its customers so long the critical stages, factors, and obstacles are carefully analyzed. Six Sigma can therefore be seen as an overall business improvement initiative in SMEs rather than just a quality improvement
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