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We all might not admit it but we have a favorite author that we must always read and follow. Something about them will make you still want to follow in whatever they write or say. Sister Souljah is one of those influential authors. Souljah is a strong, educated, opinionated black woman who sometimes is a threat to others. Some people consider her as racist because of her opinions and thoughts but she is entitled to a freedom speech, therefore she should not have to worry about people saying she is racist. This paper centers on Sister Souljah and her works. She is one of my favorite authors and one of the most amazing person one has ever came across. Sister Souljah books draw you in because she doesn’t hold back anything when she talks or speak.…show more content…
She was born in Bronx, New York in 1964. She was born poor and raised on welfare for a couple of years. Around the age of 10 she moved to Englewood, New Jersey. When she was in college she travel a lot. She visited England, France, Spain, and Russia. While in New York she was on the radio and also organized against racial crimes and miseducation of urban youth. She did and promoted several rallies and concerts in Harlem, which attracted almost 30,000 people and even celebrities. The title of one of her books is The Coldest Winter Ever and in it she tells a common story about how it is to grow up in a drug dealing family or neighborhood and what happens. However, that is not what makes the book interesting. She tells the story from the main character named Winter, but she puts herself in the book and shows how Winter really does not like her because she is talking about the black community. She shows Winter as someone who does not know that there is something outside the drugs, money, and…show more content…
Winter is brought up in the projects of Brooklyn with her three younger siblings. They live a very wealthy life and get whatever they want whenever they want it. Her mother is more of sister than the typical mother role model, since Winter looks up to her she ends up becoming like her from the shallow self-centered individual, being motivated by material possessions, attractiveness and to attract as many men as she can, especially if they have money. When the family is moved to a mansion in Long Island the ‘ghettoness’ isn’t taking out of Winter and her father 's 'empire ' collapses, her father is arrested and locked up; the FBI ended up taking everything they owned. Winter and her three younger sisters are put into foster homes, while her mother becomes addicted to crack. Winter tries to do whatever she can to take care of her sister, help her mother, get her father free and everything back to the way that it use to be. Everything seems to go wrong after that happens and Winter is only worried about herself from then on. The characters in this novel all represent individuals in every urban slum in America from the lords to the workers, from the young children growing up fast in the culture of violence and moral decay

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