Sister Callista Roy Adaptation Model Essay

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Roy’s Adaptation Model
Lekeia O. Brooks and Maranda Lindsey
Winston-Salem State University

This paper reviews Sister Callista Roy’s Adaptation Model and how it applies to current nursing practice. The theory focuses on client’s adaptive behavior and how their environmental stimuli can determine the effect. It covers four major concepts including the person, environment, health and nursing, which are interrelated systems that work together to maintain balance. Showing how when you identify clients physiological and psychosocial needs health and holistic nursing will aid in adapting.
Roy’s Adaptation Model
Sister Callista Roy credits growth and major influence to her family and faith. Born in Los Angeles, California to a family
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She defines nursing as a profession that focuses on life processes (Punjani, 2013). Nurses in the adaptation model contribute to health, quality of life, and dying with dignity. Nurses effectively assist patients to adapt by using the nursing process, assessing the patient, the stimuli, determining, along with the patient and their support group, the goals, and the most effective way to reach those goals. The nurse takes a holistic approach to achieve successful adaptation. Some examples of how a nurse might do this include; taking care of physical pain, helping the patient resolve family conflicts, determining if the patient could benefit from a counselor, helping the patient with feelings of…show more content…
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