Sir Walter Raleigh the Poet and Gentleman

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Sir Walter Raleigh the Poet and Gentleman Looking for tall, dark, and handsome? Sir Walter Raleigh was all of those things and so much more. As one of the most intriguing men of the Middle Ages, Sir Walter Raleigh's strong religious stances, political roles, outstanding writings, and genuine charm make him "Bachelor of the 16th Century". That is until he married in 1572. Sir Walter Raleigh was born in 1552, but not to the common name that is now in print. During his lifetime, his name was spelled five different ways: Raleigh, Rawleigh, Ralegh, Rawley, and lastly Rawlee. It was not until the early 19th century that his name took hold of the Raleigh spelling. He was a very tall man, just over six feet tall. Keep in mind people were generally shorter in those days than they are today. Sir Walter Raleigh possessed a very attractive and strong Devonshire accent. Raleigh stood on his soapbox when it came to religious conversation. He openly expressed his hatred of the Catholic Church. It was thought that this hatred resulted from his father. His father was nearly killed as a martyr against the Catholic Church. Many believe that Raleigh was a faithful Protestant, yet others think he may have been an atheist. He was a member of a poetic group called School of Night. This group was known for its skeptical attitude and critical interpretation of Christianity. School of Night Members carried a reputation of being atheist. The only clear understanding of Raliegh's religious preference is that he was most definitely not Catholic. The handsome aristocrat found trouble from his charm. Famous legend states that Raleigh laid his cloak over a mud puddle, so Queen Elizabeth's feet would not be soiled. The Queen grew ... ... middle of paper ... ...his supposed expeditions to the fabled cities of Guiana and Eldorado. Once again, historians believe this story uncovers some of the adventures that took place on his expeditions. The moments Sir Walter Raleigh spent at the guillotine will be remembered for centuries. He requested a last smoke of tobacco before his death. Even today the tradition of a last cigarette before execution still exists. His head was embalmed and given to his wife (as was customary). She carried with her at all times until her death 29 years later at the age of 82. Sir Walter Raleigh was a gentleman and a poet. His business sense, religious views, political stance, and charming personality led to quite an adventurous life and an unfortunate death. Although Sir Walter Raleigh was a good-looking ladies man with a Devonshire accent, he will best be remembered for his written works.

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