Sir Isaac Newton and the Renaissance

Isaac Newton was born on December, 25,1642 at Woolsthrope Manor, a town in the county of Lincolnshire. Isaac was a premature baby and wasn’t expected to live the first day he was born. Isaac`s fathers name was also Isaac Newton. Not a lot is know about Isaac`s father because there are so many different theories on what happened to him or how he died. For example here are two theories, One is that he died in the English Civil War and another one I found was that he just died from natural causes because of the hard labor he had done on his farm. When Isaac turned three years old his mother decided to remarry to a man named Barnabas Smith in the year of 1645. Together they had three children Mary, Benjamin, and Hannah. When his mother married Barnabas she left Isaac to live with his grandparents. Isaac greatly hated his stepfather very much even though he didn’t know much about him. Isaac had threatened his mother and stepfather several times. The biggest one recorded was that he himself would burn their house while they were sleeping. Isaac was a man of many things he was a Mathemati...

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