Sir Isaac Newton: Renaissance Man

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Renaissance men were some of the greatest intellectual people of the whole mankind. To be considered in this category, they had to have great intelligence in not just one subject but various subjects. Renaissance men also had made inventions or discoveries that were used in the future to make further discoveries. Sir Isaac Newton was one of the few that were categorized as a Renaissance man. He was very intelligent in various subjects like mathematics and science. He was the founder of the famous laws of motion and calculus. He also discovered theories about gravity that were used today as the foundations of modern physics. Sir Isaac Newton influenced future generations with his radical ideas through unique theories and groundbreaking discoveries.

Sir Isaac Newton was born in Woolsthorpe Lincolnshire, England on Christmas day of 1642. He was an English scientist and mathematician. His father, Isaac Newton died three months before his birth. His mother, Hannah Ayscough left three year old Isaac Newton under the care of his grandmother to remarry Reverend Barnabus Smith. Sir Isaac Newton went to school at Trinity College Cambridge in England. There he received his bachelor’s degree in 1665 without honors. In 1669, he took the place of his mathematics professor Isaac Barrow and would stay in Trinity for twenty-seven years. Upon moving to London, Newton received the first knighthood for science achievements. Sir Isaac Newton was the author of one of the most important books in the history of science that is called the Principia. Newton was the founder of three laws of motion and the law of universal gravitation. Sir Isaac Newton was made president of the Royal society in 1703. Sir Isaac Newton never married but had ...

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