Sir Gawain & The Green Knight

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
A knight rides into the hall dressed entirely in green. The knight is large, well- dressed, and imposing, but he does not wear armor nor carry a shield. Rather, he holds some holly in one hand and a huge ax in the other. The Green Knight, without first introducing himself, demands to speak with whoever is the head of the court. King Arthur answers the Green Knight’s call to the head of the company and asks him to dismount and eat. However, the Knight refuses, saying that he does not intend to stay. He tells Arthur that his court is reputed to be the best and worthiest in the land, and so he has come there with a challenge. He says that he has not come in war, as proved by his lack of armor, but rather to propose a challenge. He will allow someone to strike him with his ax, as long as they agree to find him in one year to accept the return blow.
The Green Knight looks around to see if anyone will accept his challenge, and he begins to taunt and laugh at the knights. King Arthur is enraged at the stranger's laughter, and he stands up to accept the challenge. He takes the ax, and the Green Knight dismounts and prepares for the blow.
However, before Arthur can strike the blow, Sir Gawain speaks up, asking if he can replace the King in this game because he does not think the King should take the responsibility upon himself. The court agrees to let Gawain take the challenge, and the King blesses him. Gawain goes to the Green Knight, who asks his name and then accepts him as the challenger. Gawain asks the Knight where he will find him in a year, and the Knight tells him that he will learn after he takes his strike.
The Green Knight bows his head, baring his neck for the blow, and Gawain swings the ax and chops off the Knight's head. The head falls to the floor and rolls around the hall, but the Green Knight picks up his head and mounts his horse. He turns the head toward Gawain and tells him to seek him at the Green Chapel next New Year's Day. He rides away, and Gawain and Arthur hang up the ax and finish their feast.
In November of the next year , Gawain rides all around Arthur's kingdom searching for the Green Chapel, but no one he asks has ever heard of it or of the Green Knight.
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