Sir Francis Bacon's Contribution To The Scientific Method

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Psychology as a science has evolved via the muddle of studies in human biology in addition to philosophies in which the various practice of basing ideas on theories and experience or empiricism, have added value to the current learning dogmas, understanding of ideas our mind. Sir Francis Bacon, amongst other great thinkers in his application of scientific method has influenced how vital experiment and observation are important. From discovery of knowledge origin, understanding, human thoughts, ideas and perceptions by various renowned personalities; advancement in science has been born in the modern society. Empiricism refers to the sight that knowledge is rooted in experience through senses as science advance via experimentation as well as…show more content…
He was one of the most brilliant minds of his time in spite of his reprehensible dealings. Of major interest in this research paper, Bacon’s prime contribution to philosophy was the use of the inductive thinking which are the sweeping statements founded on personal instances, an approach that is applied in the present science as opposed to the feudal Aristotelianism hence he is known as the father and pioneer of scientific method (Francis Bacon,…show more content…
Al, 2010), empirical philosophy (single-key insight systems) and superstitious philosophy (mixing theology and philosophy). In his Novum Organum [***Bold and italicised***],a title that referenced Aristotle Organum [***iBold and italicised***], he proposes that any scientific method needs to start with investigation, followed by presence, listing circumstances underlying the event under study; then the proximity absence so that it is used in identification of unlikely occurrences and lastly, comparison to compare and contrast one’s event degree of variance. These steps are then followed by a brief survey for the discovery of the probable cause of the occurrence unlike the emblematic hypothesis. He believed that observation plus analysis are sufficient to generating good comprehension for creative minds in reaching further thoughtfulness (Jacob and Margaret, 2010). This approach is known as the Baconian method which was in contrast to older methods employed my Aristotle and other

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