Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Memories Of Sherlock Holmes

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is the creator of the character Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. He was a Scottish writer and physician, he wrote many things in his life. Doyle did not just write detective mysteries he also fantasy and science fiction stories, plays, romances, poetry, non-fiction and historical novels. Even though he wrote many other thing he is mostly well known for writing all of the canon Sherlock stories. Doyle himself had a career in the medical field there he meet many influential people to base his characters from. A letter was found where he wrote to one of his colleagues whose name was Joseph Bell that the most important traits of his character Sherlock was mostly based on him. Bell himself had the career title of forensic …show more content…

So the next book that he published was made up of another twelve short stories and was called “The Memories of Sherlock Holmes”. In a rare occurrence Sherlock is the actual narrator of this story opposed to most of the rest that are narrated by Watson. In this story it would be the first time that another Holmes family member will be shown. It would be Mycroft Holmes Sherlock 's older brother. This group of short stories were not well received because in it a character commits adultery this is not the first controversial topic in one of Doyle 's stories. This is one of the stories that was not allowed in the U.S for many years after its publication. This might be the reason why Doyle took a break from short stories and went back to writing full …show more content…

This book was the last is was published in 1921 and was called “The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes”. It is said that Doyle did not want to write another Sherlock story and was done with this character. His fans had another idea and began coaxes Doyle to keep writing more Sherlock and Watson stories. So he wrote that final book and in it you mostly read about Sherlock and Watson helping people find lost loved ones or help people who went mad. So this would be the end for the canon Sherlock stories many more were written but none by Doyle

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  • Explains that sir arthur conan doyle is the creator of sherlock holmes and john watson. he was a scottish writer and physician who wrote many things in his life.
  • Explains that doyle had written fifty six short stories and four novels. doyle's first book, "a study in scarlet," showcased sherlock holmes and john watson.
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