Sink your Teeth into the New Apple iMac!

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Who wouldn’t want a sleek, one-piece PC over a bulky, regular desktop? The new Apple iMac is THE one-piece desktop that blows away its competitors with its sleek design, gargantuan memory capacity, speed, and internal apps that boggle the mind. Imagine playing Windows, Ubuntu, osX, and VirtualBox all at the same time, at the same speed as if they were running on separate PCs! And the monitor is amazing! The resolution is great, and the glare is minimal (due to non-glare black glass extending to the very edge of the screen). What initially brought the iMac to my attention was the Magic Mouse (quite shallow, don’t you think?). It looked so cute and roundish, so comfortable under my hand, and it was a marvel to use, much like a 3D touchpad. And it’s wireless! The second attraction was the speakers, located at the bottom of the screen. The sound it emitted was so clear, that it sounded like the band that was playing was right in the room with us. Then I looked at the iMac itself. It was love at first sight. Its seamless, all-aluminum casing looked so futuristic and clean, hiding powerf...

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