Single Sex Classrooms Essay

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Do Single Sex Classrooms Boost Academic Success?
As of 2012, there are more than five hundred schools with single sex classrooms in
America (Hollingsworth). Where they do exist, they are offered as an option rather than a requirement. Schools have decided to try single sex classrooms because of the below average test scores of some boys and girls. They do it to try improving the educational and behavioral outcomes of students. Co-educational schools are more popular in society today. Yet, even how popular co-educational schools are, there have been arguments about how males and females learn differently. Not to mention all the distractions between genders in the classroom. Single sex classrooms provide less distractions and a better learning
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families, and their schools that much more effort is needed" (Thernstrom 39). So, in order to try and have more students achieve academically, schools have tried out single sex education.
“School is preparation for adult life,” says Halpern, a former APA president. “How can boys and girls learn how to interact as equals in the workplace if they have no experience interacting as equals in school” (Novotney)? Well, students in single sex schools learn separately in order to accommodate the differences they encounter. When they proceed into the work force they will be able to interact, while perform the skills they learned in school. Teaching separately does not just split up the interaction of students. In a study done in Western Australia to test the benefit of single sex classrooms, classes were split up for the first part of the day, and then brought together for one to three hours at the end of the day. Both genders could still socialize and do collaborative projects together, while learning separately. Students have a long time before they begin their adult job. There will be internships that will get the student prepared for the job. They will be able to work on their social skills at their job because learning never stops in
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According to Wong Win Yin Jennifer, "single-sex schooling does not provide a suitable environment for students to develop the interpersonal skills needed when they join in the labor force in the future." Although school is not about socializing, rather it is about the knowledge that the child learns. Single sex classrooms just prohibits the interaction of girls and boys in the classroom. They still can associate between classes, at lunch time, and outside of school. According to Linda Sax, "Graduates of single-sex schools are more likely than their coeducational counterparts to report that there is a very good chance they will participate
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