Single Sex And Co Ed Schools

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When I was about to enter kindergarten, my parents initially wanted to enroll me into an all-girls preparatory school. However, my parents changed their mind and believed that co-ed schools had better opportunities and a better way to create more diversity in our society. Some may argue that single-sex schools have been proven to have students attend and graduate from four-year universities. This then allows both respective sexes to focus on their studies rather than their appearance and physical attraction. However, single-sex schools are only going to lead to segregation and separating genders in the classroom should not be a place for it to bloom from. communication with the other sex is important to where it preps students for the real world. Though single sex and co-ed schools have both pros and cons, co-ed schools provide a more realistic portrayal of what would happen in the professional working field. Co-ed schools provide and develop social communication skills between both genders instead of one. Single sex schools have their pros and cons. Having both sexes in the classroom could be considered a distraction where studies are not considered the main priority and that attraction are more attended to. Single sex schools are said to allow students build up their confidence and play a more enthusiastic role for their education. According to the National Coalition of Girls ' Schools, three times as many alumnae state they excel better in the field of math in science than girls in co-ed schools. Professor of law Rosemary Salomone from St. John 's University state that many students feel more comfortable participating and in a single sex classroom because they do not have the opposite gender there to tease them when they are... ... middle of paper ... ...ducate students on how to prepare for the real word and teach students about having healthy relationships and positive interactions. In conclusion, co-ed schools give more sense of the real world today. Instead of segregating the genders in a place where students should grow and learn, society should start closing the gender gap and give equal opportunities to both males and females. Although same-sex schools may have its benefits of thriving more, co-ed schools develop social communication skills that same sex school does not offer. Communication and social skills are key players in our society today. It is where conversations start and lead into our professional world. Separating genders in the classroom may only create the lack of understanding from the opposite gender which leads to uncomfortable social situations. Thus, keep boys and girls in the same classroom.
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