Single Parents: Growing Up Without Their Parents

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Children that grow up without their parents
Parents should make their children their first priority, give them attention, love, and learn to communicate with them. If children were to be given more emotional support they would have high self-esteem, and be more productive in life. When there are absent parents’ children usually are effect emotionally, physically and even mentally. Single parents sometimes tend to pay more attention to work or other things than their children. That can cause children to believe that they are not wanted nor loved. Parents should keep in mind that they are their children first role model. The parent should promote what they want their children to become. Children that are abandoned become homeless, delinquents,
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When a parent becomes the only parent in the household they are more focused on their job and do not always pay much attention to their children. That is a mistake they make because parents need to understand that they are the first role model to their children. That most likely what children see their parent doing is what children are going to think is the right thing to do as they grow up. If children are not getting the attention that they need they start think that their parent does not love them enough. That can effect children mentally and emotionally because children try to find answers to why their parent is not dedicating as much time. When single parents are involved in new relationships they can become more focused on their new partner and put their children aside. Sometimes step-parents can be abusive towards children and even with their partner. They can be manipulative and make their partner and step-children feel that they are not good enough. That is when abuse becomes part of their life and the parent and children tend to believe whatever they are told. When girls grow up without a father they do not have a male figure in their lives. They do not know exactly how a man should treat them so that confuses girls. As they grow up that may lead to them becoming involved in abusive relationships. When girls grow up without a mother sometimes they become pregnant at a young age because they do not have a female figure that will teach them what is right and wrong. Daughters are usually closer to their mother since women are often more understandable and loveable towards their children. When boys grow up without a father figure they do not know what is right and wrong. Without a father figure boys may look up to the wrong male figure. When boys grow up without a mother they believe that as a male they
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