Single Parents Essay

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Single parent families are very common this day and age. The single parent percentage in America is rising, in all racial groups. Children of a single mother or father family tend to have more difficulties and more of a negative effect developing and growing up. The bad effects of children with single parents typically have more behavior issues, emotional stress, and difficulties in school. Growing up with a single mother or father shows many cases of the child's behavior being very poor. These behavior problems may not even be a result of how the parent raised them, but typically related to other things that are also tied back to single parenting. Many criminals and especially teenage criminals were also among those who grew up with a single parent. "The 1987 "Survey of Youth in Custody" found that 70% did not grow up with both parents." (Hymowitz) Some may argue that it was the parenting of the child, that they were not disciplined properly or that they may have been neglected. though that may not always be the case. Children raised by single parents tend to have more emotional pro...

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