Single Parenting and Influence on Children´s Education Success

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Introduction The purpose of this proposal is to draw attention of the academic circles to the need of investigating the relationship between single parents and career success of their children. In recent years, single parenting has become a matter of utter social concern since children from such households are known to face stark social challenges. Consequently, due to many problems, which are seen to originate in the broken nuclear family, children raised in single parent households experience problems related to success in their adulthood achievements, in particular, their career. Single household model has been rapidly spreading throughout the recent couple of decades, thus almost becoming the norm in the society. Therefore, it is crucial to find the way to address these concerns, in order to provide students, parents, teachers and society at large with adequate solutions, which would help children from such families reach their potential and build a successful work career in their adulthood. Literature Review The nuclear family structure, i.e. the family with both parents, ideally sets a child within the environment filled with a sense of caring love, security, and stability, which are necessary for a child’s development. However, if the structure of the nuclear family is broken, this may bear significant implications on a child’s ability to perform daily activity tasks as expected, or even provoke failures in terms of adapting to challenges of a new environment (Wall, 2012; Mooney, Oliver, & Smith, 2009). It is noteworthy that, although growing up in a household with a single parent is considered as a risk factor, such non-nuclear families have become a rather common phenomenon in the recent couple of decades. Statistics... ... middle of paper ... ...243-244). There is the gab in the existing literature, in that it investigates the relationship between the level of education of parents and achievement of children in terms of their education and, consequently, their career success. However, the existing literature does not account specifics of single parenting household, which has been a rapidly growing trend in the society over the last couple of decades. Thus, the study will intend to show that higher level of education of single parents serves to foster children’s career success, in spite of the adverse and/or controversial effects of single parenting. Ultimately, the study will try to find ways of overcoming some of the challenges of single parenting, by suggesting that closer collaboration between children, parents and education professional can help children develop a successful career path in their lives.
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