Single Parenting Is The Toughest Job

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There are almost 13 million single parents today in the U.S. (Lauer, 2012). Each single-parent family is different and faces individual trials, including testing the limits of family and what it means to be related. No matter the causes of single parenthood—whether it be from a parent passing away, divorce, or someone simply choosing to have a child without being married—the conflicts plaguing these families are very similar. The statement “single parenting is the toughest job in the world” is a bold one that highlights the struggles of single parents everywhere, and it is one I happen to agree with. Reviewing single-parent families, the challenges seem to outweigh the advantages. Since a majority of single parents are mothers, all the burdens normally carried out by two people fall upon women (Lauer, 2012). Raising a child with both parents is a hard enough task, but being on your own creates issues within issues, no matter what your race or background. It should be obvious that two-parent families hold great advantages over single-parent ones. For instance, children with both parents form closer bonds, are stronger emotionally, and are supervised better (Link). The stress of rearing children alone causes a sense of overload. Single parents can experience three types, which are task, responsibility, and emotional (Lauer, 2012). For task overload, when one parent is out of the family picture, it is up to the other to support the rest of the family. A single parent could find him/herself both watching the kids and juggling a full-time job. Responsibility overload, particularly for mothers, can be combined with economic problems. To begin with, women earn less money than men, setting them back with a major inconveniency. Since si... ... middle of paper ... ... hard luck of raising me on her own for eighteen years without child support, and I have seen her suffer through the three kinds of overload, sometimes all at once. Due to her willingness to be strong, we persevered through our harsh times, and I hope to someday repay her back for all she has given me. No child can choose his/her family, but the reality is single-parent families are growing more rapidly than any other (Link). Every family is distinct, with characteristics unique to the circumstances they are placed in. Whatever the reasons are for someone becoming a single parent, the struggles surrounding these families vary, but they are still alike in more ways than the common person would think. So, because of both personal experience and research to reinforce it, I can concur wholeheartedly with the statement “single parenting is the toughest job in the world.”

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