Single Mom Essay

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Being a mother is something that a majority of women become at some point in their life. Whether they are married or single, a numerous amount of women become mothers at some point. People use to frown upon single mothers constantly. However, being a single mother in the United States has risen dramatically. As of 2014, 83% of mothers are raising their child, or children, on their own. In 2014 statistic show that only 17% of fathers are single. Dawn. “Single Mother Statistics - Single Mother Guide.” Single Mother Guide. N.p., 23 Mar. 2012. Web. Oct. 2015. Twenty years ago people looked at single moms, and felt embarrassed for them. Now, they are seen as strong, independent women, and a woman you could look up to. They way that they view themselves…show more content…
Casie could recall some mothers she knew growing up having to have 3 jobs at a time. The kids of those mothers were affected with greats amount of depression, because they never got any attention from their mother. They would have to result in getting attention from other parents, and anyone else who would give it to them. Little did they know, their mother’s were simply trying to earn enough money for them to continue living in a house, with food on the table, and clothes for them to wear. In the 1990s, single mothers who were below the poverty line essentially grew poorer. "Poverty Rate Among Working Single-Mother Families - Press Release - 8/16/01." Poverty Rate Among Working Single-Mother Families - Press Release - 8/16/01. N.p., 16 Aug. 2001. Web. 25 Oct. 2015. When Casie’s daughter was too young to go to school she would have to get night jobs, because she could not afford daycare. Casie had to depend on her parents, and a few close friends to watch her daughter at night time while she was out working. Fortunately, once her daughter was old enough to start school, Casie was able to get normal day jobs to help provide for…show more content…
A majority of single mothers still have to work multiple jobs in order to maintain enough money to provide for their families. However, the career world has gained for tolerance and acceptance for single mothers. Many jobs and colleges these days now provide childcare for mothers that need it. Casie is now currently working two different jobs to help provide for her and her daughter. She admits that she would gladly take a third if she needed to. Fortunately, her daughter is now old enough to work, and help the two of them out as well. Fortunately, the views on being a single mother have changed in such a positive way. Instead of them being seen as unfit, and dependent on others they are seen as strong and brave. Other single mothers see one another as perfectly capable of providing for their family, and have empathy for one another for doing so. Casie can now proudly say, “my life isn’t over. It’s gotten more complex.” Casie now does not worry about what others think or view her as being a single parent. She now sees herself as tough, confident, and self-supporting for her and her
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