Singer: A Critical Analysis Of The Singer's Perceptual Theory

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According to Singer (1975), its perceptual model has the premise that people act and react differently from each other because each one of us chooses, analyzes and organizes stimulations such as ideas and signals from the external environment in different ways, in other words, each individual has his or her own perception of the world. Nevertheless, these perceptions can be similar if two or more individuals belong to the same group thus they share the same language, values and beliefs. In order to make its model easier to understand, Singer created a set of premises and the most relevant are showed as follow.
1. Patterns of behavior are based on individuals’ perceptions and these perceptions can be intensified and modified due to the learning
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A model of actions, values, beliefs, behavior and perceptions that is recognized and expected by an identity group is known as culture;
8. Because communication is facilitated between individuals in the same group and more difficult between people from different groups, it can reinforce awareness of groups differences; 9. In a world where environmental and biological factors can be changed, values, beliefs and perceptions can also be changed leading to a group identity modification or the rise of new groups. In addition, Singer (1975) affirms that biological factors can contribute how an individual can perceive the external world, although, it only accounts for a small part. Most of an individual`s perception will come from environmental facts and how this person will incorporate, organize and process all the information received. For this reason two people cannot have identical perception of everything and at the same time it is not possible for them to have no similarities at all. Moreover, this reason will contribute to the communication process among individuals in the same group as well as between different groups. By communication, the author says that is a process thereby people can, somewhat, understand the message. Also, the process ' effectiveness does not need the communication to be accurate because there are devices that can help such as feedback mechanism and
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The reason is the fact that people inside their own groups they feel comfortable enough to use the silent to communicate because they are so used to their group that they can predict their behavior. Also, he defends the concept that each society is an identity groups conglomerate; where each group has its own culture but when assembled they will create the society 's own culture. This idea facilitates the analyze and study of whole societies when determining which culture each identity group has, how the presence or absence of specific groups can influence the society, the differences and similarities between different groups in the same society and what same groups in different societies have in

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