Singapore Airlines History Traced to Malaysian Airways

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Singapore airline’s History can be traced back to when it was found in 1947 with Malaysian Airlines (known as Malayan Airways). Its first flight linked commenced from Singapore Kallang to various places like Kuala Lampur, Ipoh and Penang. Malaysian federation was formed in 1963 naming the company to Malaysian Airways and further changing it name to Malaysia-Singapore airlines (MSA) in the year 1966. In 1972 the MSA Company was split into two, Singapore airlines and Malaysian airlines system (Renamed as Malaysian Airlines) and thus The Singapore International Airline (SIA) was formed (Star Alliance, 2014).

SIA with their route network has exceeded to 63 Destinations in 35 countries that serves in Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East, South west Pacific and Africa. Having a Modern fleet of 106 aircrafts with an average age of just over 6 years makes SIA one of the youngest and most fuel efficient fleet of any major airline industry, as the primary sub remains Singapore In the Financial year 2011-2012, SIA had carried over and above 17 million passengers reaching a worth total revenue of nearly USD $9 billion (what’s up in the air?, 2012).

Over the past few years SIA has gained a reputation of an Innovative market Leader, Combining their quality product with exceptional service. Singapore has developed in being a reputed for Industry trend-setter as well as superb in Flight Service is the foundation of its reputation for customer service and hospitality.

The Interest given by Singapore airlines to its Customer is mostly emphasizes by the ‘Singapore Girl’ which has earned the airline many industry and travel awards which includes the Conde Naste Travelers’ ‘Best Global Airline’ award for 21 consecutive years, Travel and Le...

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