Sin Taxes Affect the Cost of Health Care Prices

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“In Canada, the federal excise tax on a carton of cigarettes is $17 (about 19-20 USD), according to background material released with the study.” (Kirkley) Sharon Kirkley, a senior medical reporter for Postmedia News, has studied the cigarette and tobacco related deaths in Canada and how the “sin tax” affects the death rate. A rise in the price of “sin taxes,” taxes on alcohol and tobacco, would help the price of American health care decrease.
Even though health care prices vary in the United States of America, the prices are mainly expensive for each adult citizen and family. Alcohol and tobacco can cause serious injuries, deaths, and major life lasting health problems. Why doesn’t America fix it? There are citizens being murdered because of drunk drivers. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention experts discovered that, “Every day, almost 30 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This amounts to one death every 48 minutes.” (“Injury” Americans die every day because alcohol prices are so low and they are not being taxed accordingly. If the tax on alcohol was raised, maybe one American would not die every 48 minutes because of alcohol.
Health care would be less expensive for the individual U.S. citizen, but does this affect every citizen? No. There is not an benefit for everyone. Some, if not many, of the companies that employ Americans give employee benefits. These aids are not available to all Americans therefore some citizens have to pay for their own health care. The U.S. Library of Medicine describes how our health care system works and is payed for by each type of American in this quote from their web site. “In the U.S. health care is financed, or paid for...

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