Simpson's Case: The Case Of Nicole Brown Simpson

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In a case that has spanned more than 20 years and drew so much media attention, there is just as much intrigue today as it then. Did he do it or did he not do it? The entire world was captivated by the case. It took over a year for a trial and a conclusion that stunned the world with the verdict (Boyes). They were many household names that came out of this trial (Pitts).
In 1995 one of the most puzzling criminal cases triumph in America. This double assassination actually occurred on June 14, 1994 in Los Angeles, California. The two fatalities were found by a neighbor who had seen an Akita that had blood on its legs and belly. When the neighbor saw the bodies, he immediately called 911. When the police arrived at Nicole Brown Simpson’s
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It took the jury four hours to determine this fact. Since this case was highly publicized, this case made many Americans question the quality of the criminal justice system since everything was pointing to Simpson however he was considered not guilty. A whole year and twenty days pass before we hear the next thing in this case. A civil trial meets to see if Simpson should be held financially liable for what happened at his house. It took the jury forty-one days to hear all one hundred and one witnesses’ statements and they came to an agreement the Simpson did kill Nicole and Ronald with oppression and malice. After the civil trial meet the verdict became once again widely debated amongst the legal experts and the public…show more content…
Simpson. The first thing that can be noted is he is a football player and to be a football player one has to be a male. Most football players tend to show signs of aggression, which is an additional characteristic in the case that leads me to believe he violently attacked and killed his wife and one of her good friends. The next important evidence to note was the fact that O.J.’s football glove was found at the scene with blood spatters on it. Even though the agreed to turn himself in, he fled in the white Bronco. If he was not guilty then why did he flee. Even if he was innocent, that was one of the poorest decisions he could have made making him look guilty. What is actually interesting to me is the fact the limousine driver saw a man looking like Simpson at 10:56, when he rang the doorbell at 10:25 the time he was supposed to be there and there was no answer. O.J. had sufficient amount of time to execute his wife and her friends before going in the limo to catch a ride to the airport. The fact the O.J. had a cut on his hand was because Ronald Goldman was fighting for his life trying to escape and wounding Simpson

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