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This paper intends to provide a better understanding of consumer behavior and market research in order to explore and gather insights on the customer’s of Simply Meg’s women’s clothing boutique. The first portion of the paper discusses the research problems and objectives, introduces the selected case retailer, and states the research question and purpose. Subsequently, a summary of secondary market research and literature on consumer behavior will provide a contextual preface. The remainder of the paper will explore the primary research in order to gather customer insights and to facilitate recommendations that will be provided for the owner.

1.1 Research Purpose and Objectives Owning and operating a retail store is not as simple as in …show more content…

Focus on the customer is often lost and innovation becomes a common area of neglect.
The objectives for the study are:
1. To examine and present current market industry research,
2. to provide a brief summary on the study of market research and consumer behavior,
3. to evaluate the case retailers existing customers’ responses in order to investigate the proposed research questions of …show more content…

Based on the research, recommendations are provided for the owner to foster the development of potential business decisions for improving customer experience and long-term profitability.
1.4 Retailer Introduction

As mentioned previously, this study will focus on a case retailer. The following portion of the paper will provide information on the retailer and bring familiarity to its current business concepts, merchandise and store attributes.

Simply Meg’s is an upscale women’s boutique owned and operated by a Greensboro local, Margaret Strader. Simply Meg’s, previously Scout and Molly’s, was opened in 2007 at The New Shops of Friendly Center located in Greensboro, NC. The shops location has provided steady foot traffic, as the center is a hub for shopping and dining. However, Simply Meg’s will be relocating to a new space in January of 2018. The new store location will be in Dover Square off of Battleground Avenue, also in Greensboro, North Carolina. The new store space is located in what can be classified as a small strip mall, facing Battleground Avenue. The space is adjacent to other stores such as a nail salon, gift shop, shoe store, yoga studio, alterations shop,

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