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1. The first of the three texts presents a quite neutral and objective view on the matter of Simple Living. The text doesn’t display any meanings but simply tells about the negative and positive sides of Simple Living. The text opts to present the reason that lies within the people that have given their normal life up and started living simple. The text explains how people have made the switch from their normal life to their new life. They have gotten rid of all the things that are non-essential. They don’t focus on materialistic stuff and therefore they have the time to enjoy the more important things in life. Stuff like friends, family, girlfriends/boyfriends and so on. Another statement from the text is that many people prefer Simple Living because of the economic benefits. It is with no doubt remarkably cheaper. Text 1 concludes that Simple Living can lead to a better life, because of increased interaction with family etc. and less stress in your everyday life.
The second text is an interview with Judith Levine about her newly published book. A book in which she describes a full year she lived through, without shopping. In other words, Living Simple. She got the idea to write the book while she was reflection upon her Christmas shopping, and how much money was spent on gifts. She only bought the necessary stuff for her to survive. Unlike the other text this interview, obviously, becomes a lot more subjective. Judith Levine believes that over consumption is a huge problem. She acknowledges that consuming is one of the factors that keep a good economy flowing however. Judith Levine believes that Living Simple is entirely up to one self but she believes that it can improve USA. However you got to do something yourself.
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...ouch, because our phone is ringing. I recently experienced it myself. A broken iPhone lead me into switching to an old Sony Ericsson. Almost instantly I experienced it. It was much quieter than my usual iPhone. No snapchats, no emails, no facebook, no nothing. I suddenly understood everybody that is currently living simple. I wasn’t as stressed. After a month with my Sony Ericsson I want my iPhone. Now I suddenly feel left out instead.
I think you would have to conclude that living simple could be a great way to a possibly better world. However it is entirely up to the individual. You can’t be forced into simple living. I think that for a short while anybody would enjoy, even love, simple living but after a while you feel like you miss out on a bunch of things. That’s because our society is build up around all the things that you suddenly disconnects from your life.
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