Similarities between Beliefs and Philosophies from the World

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Choice of topic:
Religion has always amused me. I have always been curious about the ways of life in a particular religion and their beliefs about God. Point of view has always been important and is supposed to be respected. I was myself involved in many of the family rituals conducted and that always amused me. I come from a family possessing a religious background. I would credit my grandparents for teaching me the Hindu way of life and for teaching to respect other religions and their beliefs, thus giving me a hint of inner spirituality and omnipresence of God. I choose the topic “Belief Systems” because this is the topic which suits me the most. Clash of ideologies can also cause riots of different beliefs and philosophies. This mostly happens in when a person is fanatic and does not accept the point of view of another person. Clash of different ideologies cause riots in different communities which can lead to various problems, even bloodshed. I majorly focus on the similarities between beliefs and philosophies which may ‘unite’ ideas and create a mutual understanding between communities of different faiths.
Many religions of the world were formed when people developed various civilizations. Man has always tried to make sense of the world around. One ended up with the result of a supreme power controlling the whole world. Different myths and legends established various legends in different parts of the world accordingly. Later established religions spread across the world. One major cause for the spread of religion was of trade and missionaries.
QUESTION: What are the various beliefs held in my community and how do they influence an individual on a minor and a major scale plus what happens when ideologies clas...

... middle of paper ... the same environment. Though sometimes, one’s belief or ideology clashes with the other and there rises an effective and sometimes even a productive dialogue. This helps the members of the parties to come to a conclusion and change their thinking. But the opposing party must be mature enough to deal with the matter; otherwise the dialogue taking place may be pointless, thus giving the parties an opportunity to waste time. People do have different belief systems; they follow their beliefs and propagate it, but propagation of religion into a community with different beliefs causes clashes. I have seen religious clashes, but people must try to understand one’s beliefs and not be stubborn.

On basis of my research and the community where I live in, the impact of religion is strong but does not lead to extremism. The various systems do influence ones behavior.
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