Similarities Between To Kill A Mockingbird And Snow Falling On Cedars

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David Guterson’s Snow Falling on Cedars is a novel based on the discrimination of a different racial background and how that it has impacted the life of an innocent citizen that has been charged for murder solely based on assumptions rather than an a well examined investigation. Living in a mostly white residential community, the Japanese - American’s need to be extremely careful in their actions as it may be looked upon differently from the caucasian’s. This is similar the coloured citizens of Maycomb do in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, where Tom Robinson is accused of raping a white woman and put in jail. Both novels show similarities in writing styles and themes as well as characters reactions. Guterson and Lee both show similarities…show more content…
The limits of knowledge in their society and the struggle between free will and chance are also shown in the lives of Tom Robinson and Kabuo…show more content…
The chances of either of them to win their trial is extremely slight as they are both part of the minor communities of their novel. Tom Robison, if given any other lawyer instead of Atticus, would have had no chance in being successful with his trial since others did not see the same as Atticus had. Instead of conforming with the rest of the society, he believed that Mr. Robinson deserved a fair chance just like any other person would. He went against the majority to prove them that the real crime was the hatred and racism that they have towards people of different racial backgrounds. In Snow Falling on Cedars, the same concept had happened with the murder trial of Kabuo Miyamoto. Free will and chance are two completely different things that can effect the lives of others. “There are things in this universe that we cannot control, and then there are the things we can. . . . Let fate, coincidence, and accident conspire; human beings must act on reason.” ( Chapter 29, Guterson). As much as we can’t control some situations that we are put in, we have the free will to decide how we react and control those situations instead of just letting chance take control and hope for the

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