Similarities Between The Beatles and Pink Floyd

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Pink Floyd and the Beatles had more in common then they’re often credited. Both bands members were raised in the United Kingdom. The original framework for “The Beatles” was conspired by the best friends, John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Likewise, “Pink Floyd” was created by best friends Nick Mason and Roger Waters. By the same token, both bands were founded while the members received their education. World War II was a pin point in each of the band members lives, if not directly affecting them, then they were affected through their parents. Ironically, the two bands were also branded for the sixties, largely the Beatles who were believed to be an instrument, attempted to be used for ending the Vietnam War. As musicians often feel pressured to change in New Eras, or rise to the occasion, the Beatles and Pink Floyd were no exception. The Beatles changed their music from a pop, heartthrob sound to a more psychedelic sound to express the Counterculture. Accordingly, Pink Floyd altered their sound from a Blues like sound, to a Mystique, psychedelic tune. With the music, comes the managing, The Beatles were rejected by Decca, a recording company, similarly, as Pink Floyd was cut loose from their recording producer, Jenner, before the bands settled with different companies. Of course, the bands succeeded beyond the rejection, at some point the groups both enthused their movies: Yellow Submarine and The Wall. That being said, both bands have a reputation to have experimented with the Hippie drug of the sixties; lysergic acid diethylamide, otherwise known as LSD. It is commonly believed that both bands creativity sparked with LSD, one of the most notorious songs being the Beatles “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”, and likewise, agreeing with... ... middle of paper ... ...ts of the music industry to consider, bands are bound to get confused. Most of the Beatles arguments were between the original four Beatles, rather than between band members being removed or added as they were in Pink Floyd. Ironically, the demolition of the groups resulted from the Beatles losing bandmates John Lennon and George Harrison, and Pink Floyd’s constant controversy. To choose between The Beatles and Pink Floyd would be more than a generation’s influence of opinion, it would largely rely on the preference of underground and psychedelic or pop and psychedelic music, not to mention the groups approach with the public. With a combination of these factors, one would be inclined to choose Pink Floyd, after a generation that overplayed “Let it Be,” a general preference of underground, and a reputation Pink Floyd refused to be affected by regardless of society.

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