Similarities Between Sleep And Sleep

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Sleep is similar to stress in its necessity to life. The lack of sleep can result in severe complications that include death, while too much stress results in complications also ending in death. The circadian rhythm is a sleep/wake cycle that lasts all day. It is natural and the most common form is sleeping at night and being awake during the day. It is recommended to not go against what is natural, as doing so can result in physical and mental harm. There are three brain waves when sleeping there is beta which is the waking waves, alpha is the regular sleep, and delta is very deep sleep (Professor Dasher, personal communication, September 19, 2016). The sleep cycle has four main stages that have to do with brain waves. Stage one is beginning…show more content…
Stress could interfere with the process of sleeping and one’s lack of sleep could cause stress. There are many differences and similarities when it comes to stress and sleep. They are similar in the way that they both can result in mental and physical harm and the body needs both to live. They are different in the way that sleep is a way for your body to repair itself and stress is the biological response to stimuli that allows humans to survive harmful situations. Often times, people focus so much about the stress they are having they don’t realize how they can fix it. “According to APA 's 2012 Stress in America survey, stress keeps more than 40 percent of adults lying awake at night.” (Krantz,Mind/body health:Stress). They focus too much on stress that they allow it to overtake their lives, resulting in disrupted sleep and the problems that accompany that. Many notice the stress and they cut out sleep stressing over things, when they need to be sleeping more so that the body can do its job. Sleep and stress are both crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To have a healthy lifestyle one needs to have the most control possible over their stress, as well as getting the right amount of sleep each night. Without the right amount of sleep your bodily functions are disturbed which leads to even more stress. There are many ways to cope with stress and one of these is perceiving sleep as a healing process (Krantz,Mind/body health:Stress). Sleep is needed for your body to repair itself not just physically but also mentally. It is so important to get enough sleep so that your body is able to function properly. Overall, stress and sleep have many similarities and differences. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting the proper rest needed, as well as using coping mechanisms to reduce stress

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