Similarities Between Raising A Girl And Raising A Boy

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Raising a Girl and Raising a Boy Every child is different. Raising two children, a boy and a girl, it is the ultimate challenge. Parents do not get a handbook on raising children or what to expect when bringing them up. They do not get a list of the differences between a girl and boy, or what similarities they can expect between the two. Parents also can not assume after having one they have become and expert for the next child. While raising a girl and boy, there is the discipline, potty training, and nutrition. These are good areas to start in how they can be tricky. When raising a girl, discipline is more of a struggle. Almost every situation turns into more than it needs to. Girls are extremely dramatic, and a simple tantrum lasts for several minutes. A simple “No” to a girl is the end of the world. Hearing that word is apparently the…show more content…
When it comes down to it they do not want to upset their mother. Most situations result in fewer appearances due to them needing to make their mommy proud or happy. Timeout is not something they enjoy. Boys do not do well with quiet or even being still. Popping their hand is a huge heartbreak, and they do not like that so they need comfort. They remember the disappointment they cause to a parent. When a boy is disciplined they will hold onto it and do their best not to cause another disappointment in their mother or father. To potty train a boy, time is a huge factor. They have two too many choices. Will they stand when they go? Will they sit? It becomes a game, boys have a natural fascination with themselves. Every visit to the potty is more like exploration of their body. The time is lengthy and getting them to focus at the task of simply using the potty is too entertaining for them. Laughs and jokes about their features or “watch this”, usually is the main focus when using the bathroom for a little boy. Ultimately, the process takes more time. Basically when the boy is ready, he will be
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