Similarities Between Jack The Ripper And Jack The Ripper

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The United States has the highest number of serial killers, with 76% of the world’s total. Europe comes in a distant second with 17%. Men constitute the overwhelming majority of serial killers, at over 90%. ( The Zodiac killer and Jack the ripper are two of the many commonly known serial killers and though these two shared similarities, they were altogether very different. Because of this, these two murderers were extremely famous and are still studied by many criminologists today. Firstly, one of the biggest differences between Jack the Ripper and the Zodiac Killer is that they occurred in very different time periods. The murders committed by Jack the Ripper took place in East End London, 1888. Because of the time period, Jack the Ripper became extremely well-known throughout the world due to the media constantly releasing day to day coverage of the crimes and…show more content…
Jack the Ripper killed only female prostitutes who roamed the London streets after dark brutally, sadistically mutilating the women and even cutting off body parts to keep as souvenirs. His murders lapsed in minutes within police arriving on the scene. People speculate because of his precision and knowledge of anatomy that he was an intellectual of a surgical background or a butcher. On the other hand, the Zodiac Killer would stop young couples in vehicles late at night and impersonate a police officer in order to get close enough to murder them with a close range firearm. He approached the young lovers with a flashlight, asked them to roll down their windows and then fired multiple shots. Although, much like Jack the Ripper, his identity was never confirmed but a policeman spotted a man driving away from the scene and the Zodiac Killer later confirmed in a letter that the police came close to catching the murderer but

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