Similarities Between Charlie And Edward Scissorhands

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“Live people ignore the strange and unusual. I myself, am strange and unusual”, this is just one of many of the quotes from Tim Burton. He calls himself strange and unusual, and it shows: in the movies he has directed. In both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton uses characters with tragic beginnings and judgmental antagonists to convey that individuality is preferable to conformity. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Burton uses a character with a tragic beginning: Charlie. Charlie is introduced as a poor child who doesn’t have anything except the unconditional love and support from his parents. In multiple shots, Charlie is seen in low-key lighting, which make his already meager-looking clothing even more beggarly. All the while, he lives in a rickety and jerry-built house. These details make Charlie gleam with individuality. People…show more content…
All of the snobby and greedy children believe they will earn the grand prize, because they have something special about themselves. For example, Augustus Gloop is a world record eater, so he believes that if he wins, Mr. Wonka will give him a lifetime of sweets to gorge himself on. Most shots of him are high angle so he looks more vulnerable, because his hunger sometimes gets the best of him. Another example of this is Veruca Salt. She is a spoiled girl who always gets what she wants. Most shots of her are low angle to make her look more powerful. She believes she will get the entire factory just by asking for it. They don’t even care about Charlie and his thoughts. Likewise, in Edward Scissorhands, all of the neighbors can’t stop gossiping about Edward. They think they should know about him. Another Example of this is Kim’s boyfriend. He just wants Edward to leave. He thinks Edward is intimidating, but he doesn’t want to admit it. The two characters don’t think much of the antagonists. They persevere and eventually
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