Similarities Between Beowulf And Achilles

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The tales of epic heroes have made a lasting impact on literate today. Almost everyone knows one story of a great epic hero. However, not many people know that the personalities, heroic qualities, and demonstrations of society differ from an Anglo-Saxon hero to a Greek hero. Beowulf and Achilles are two wonderful examples of the differences and similarities of an epic hero within two very unalike cultures. The stories of these two heroes have been told millions of times. No matter what the differences and similarities are, it is safe to say that epic heroes are game changers. Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon hero who very much exhibits the qualities of his surrounding society in his heroic deeds and general personality. Beowulf is filled with superhuman strength (very essential to the Anglo-Saxon heroes) as well as courage. During his battle with Grendel, Beowulf fights the monster with his bare hands. This action is something that is not normal with soldiers that partake in battle. Beowulf encounters several obstacles during his younger days and repeatedly overthrows his enemies with his strength and his acceptance to challenge fate with courage. He continually shows a sense of humility. Beowulf shares his wealth with his kingdom and does what is best for his community or those that need help. In his community it is a custom to give gifts to your followers. The Anglo-Saxon heroes were also very loyal. It was not unusual for a hero to be extremely devoted to their lord. We see an example of this when Beowulf fights in the style that his lord, Higlac, prefers him to. He states that he must fight with no weapons because it more pleasing to Higlac. One very distinct Anglo-Saxon quality that Beowulf possess is his ability to deemphasize h... ... middle of paper ... ...e to them. Beowulf represents a powerful hero that is able to save a community from their greatest threat. He surpassed the expectations that the Danes had originally set for him. When he became king he continued to follow a heroic way of life by being a generous and giving king. Even in his old age he valued loyalty and love for ones kingdom. Achilles was a brave and true Greek hero. Though his fatal flaw eventually destroyed him, the heroic destruction that he caused his enemies is everlasting. He fought in favor of the gods, and wanted to overcome the challenges he faced. Epic heroes were trailblazers for their society. They sought fame. Every epic hero wanted their story to survive well past their lifetime. To be talked about 100s of years later was the ultimate goal. Beowulf and Achilles both achieved their goals. They both left their mark on their society.

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