Similarities Between Batman And The Prestige

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375 words

As much as the sun shines on the ground, the world is an extremely dark place. Christopher Nolan, a director for many incredible films notability Batman and the Prestige, puts extreme emphasis on the gloomy evil parts of the planet earth. There is a common theme and pattern throughout his films. In his films, they usually take place in a city, the parts of the city where crime is eminent. Christopher Nolan in most of his films finds a certain gothic element and makes it a recurring motif throughout the film. The Prestige was the symbol of sorcery, the supernatural, while Batman Begins was the bat. During Batman Begins, most of the places Bruce Wayne went were dark alleys and facing criminals. In both films, Batman and the Prestige, the main

In this essay, the author

  • Compares christopher nolan's batman and the prestige and batman begins. both films emphasize the gloomy evil parts of the planet earth.
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