Similarities Between Antigone And King Creon

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In the Greek play Antigone by Sophocles is very different from traditional plays or tragedies. Not only does the play have two prominent characters, Antigone and King Creon, the two characters also function as a tragic hero. However, which of the two character is the real tragic hero? Antigone’s tragedy is from conflict and passion. To really understand which of the two character is the ‘real’ tragic hero, one must understand the definition of a tragic hero.
According to Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero, a tragic hero must be born from a high social class and his or her downfall must be caused by a fatal flaw of that character. Aristotle also mentioned that a tragic hero is someone that is between two extremes. Neither good nor bad, just their fatal flaws brining misfortune to themselves. The purpose of a tragic hero is to create catharsis for the audience by empathising with the protagonist. Therefore a proper tragedy
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The one fact that distinguishes Creon and Antigone is that Creon has a moment of development, a moment of revelation. While Antigone was stuck in her tomb, she never had a moment where she thought about what she had done was right or wrong. However, Creon undergoes a moment of revelation when Tiresias prophecisezes the doom of Thebes
Creon is a tragic hero, because his downfall is due to his flaw which is his avaricious and hubris character. Even though Creon possess many positive qualities, his pride and arrogance effects his decisions. His fatal flaw was that his arrogance made him reluctant to value other people’s opinion. As he refuses to let Antigone go free, even though his own son and the chorus tried to persuade him. Because of his love for the state, he loses his wife and his
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