Similarities And Differences Of Turner 's Christianity And The Natives Religion

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This essay will take different excerpts from the narrative and compare the differences and similarities of Thompson’s Christianity and the natives religion. This essay will compare the creation stories of the two religions as well as the guardians and finally ending with the belief of afterlife. Although the religions are quite different, they are much more alike than one might expect. This narrative includes thompson’s first hand experiences with the Natives so there could be some bias toward his Christian views.. Taking these facts about the Cree’s religion and recognizing that they didn 't have Bibles, the similarities between the two religions could mean they are somehow connected. That perhaps the Cree’s religion is a type of Christianity which occurs when you do not live in an urban area. Thompson obtained much of his information from old men of the tribes because they would be less likely to have been influenced by the missionaries who came and shared the Gospel . He wanted to record their true religion and not have it mixed with Christianity. The Cree’s creation story talks about the Great Great Spirit making mankind. The man he created was ‘Wee sark e jork’ who’s job was to take care of all the animals. ‘Wee sark e jork’ was supposed to teach the animals not to eat bad roots. He failed his task which resulted in animals as well as mankind being out of control. ‘Wee sark e jork’ did not listen to the Great Great Spirit’s warning so the the Spirit sent a flood over the earth to clean it from man’s blood and sin. Comparing that Creation story to the Christian Creation story, we see quite a few similarities. In the Christian story God creates man and animals. The man is called Adam and his job is to take care o... ... middle of paper ... ...However, the similarities seem to outweigh the differences. Both of these religions believe in one almighty being who created them and helps them when they are in desperate need. Both religions take the beauty of nature and believe that it was the almighty being who created this world with all of its secrets and treasures. The two religions both believe in an afterlife and though the details of the afterlife are different, both agree that the Creator will ultimately decide if they are worthy of happiness in the afterlife or not. These natives did not have a Bible yet they still came to conclusions about life and how they ended up being that were similar to Christianity. From these facts, it can be concluded that these two religions could have been related somehow. The natives religion could have been an earLay form of Christianity or a religion very similar to it.

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