Similarities And Differences In Othello

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Shakespeare, Othello is the remake of the Cinthio’s tale Hecatommithi in 1603. Shakespeare keeps many of the Cinthio’s tales but a few change to make the tragedy appealing to his audience. The Othello themes are similar to the original of jealousy, love, honor and race. Shakespeare alteration to create Othello is to show the social problems that was a face in the Victorian age. Shakespeare expanding different themes in Cinthio’s tale, he creates complex character and the problems by interracial marriage. Shakespeare form of writing created a short tale to a wider appeal and makes the character relatable to anyone. Both works have their similarity and differences, but the key difference is what draws the reader to Othello. Shakespeare changes…show more content…
Desdemona and Emilia are the center of attention; they are two women in the world of man and their power. Emilia plays a larger role in then in Cinthio’s tale; she gives her husband the handkerchief and feminist view. Ensign wife is submissive and knew her husband plan but didn’t do anything about it. She even let Ensign use their child as a tool to achieve his plan to get the handkerchief. Cinthio seems to repressive woman role by her no correcting her husband ways. Emilia is loyal both to Desdemona and her husband. Emilia feminism is in reply to Desdemona if wife cheat on their husband. “Yes, a dozen: and as many to th’vantage as would…it is their husbands’ faults” (IV.III.83-85) and so Emilia understand that woman have the same desire as men but also how Iago treats her in an abusive. Shakespeare also gives the prosetute a name that the captain was with; Bianca is given more identity then just a prosetute almost she introduce the handkerchief to Othello, Cassio and Iago. Bianca wanted something more than just the mistress to Cassio but she pressure by society to not fall Cassio. The woman in the Victorian age where seen as property of their husband, and submissive. The gender role of a female let us know the difference in social values and statues of woman during the Victorian

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