Similarities And Differences In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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The original book Animal Farm by George Orwell is more detailed then the movie Animal Farm. However, there are still similarities and differences between them. The plot for both of these are essentially the same. The plot is this, the pigs of Animal Farm become dictators after a rebellion against farmers. They have all of the other animals for slave labor on the farm and are worse than their previous owner farmer Jones. They both have the same theme too, but is developed two slightly different ways. The theme is essentially this, there are the suppressed animals that rebelled against their suppressor which is farmer Jones. When they got rid of farmer Jones there then came a pig named Napoleon and he was very diligent and frugal. He …show more content…

The first difference in the movie was an old boar named Old Major, and his speech before he died. In the movie, the speech was mostly the same except he did not say the seven commandments. Old Major's death was different because he died the night he gave his speech, instead of three days later as in the book. The second difference was that the movie never had a horse named Molly. In the book, Molly runs away for ribbons and sugar which she could not have due to Animal Farm's rules. Molly was later found with a human who fed her sugar and put ribbons in her mane. She was then branded as a traitor by the pigs on Animal Farm. The animals on Animal Farm censure her and never see Molly ever …show more content…

When the pig delegates from other farms come to see the efficiency of Animal Farm. The pigs were all dressed in clothes which is against the seven commandments. The pigs looked over the farm and then had drinks in the farm house which are both against the seven commandments. The pigs did not care because they're the ones in charge and made the resolutions. They think the commandments shouldn't have to apply to them. The other animals come closer to the house to look and they saw the pigs turning into men. The animals were angered and had contempt for the pigs. The other animals then rebel against the pigs tyranny. For the pigs tyranny was far worse than farmer Jones' tyranny. This is different from the novel because the delegates were other farmers, not pigs. Another difference was that the animals never rebelled in the book. Instead, the pigs and farmers played poker and got into a fight because a pig and a farmer played the same ace at the same

In this essay, the author

  • Compares the plot of the original book animal farm by george orwell and the movie. the pigs become dictators after a rebellion against farmers.
  • Explains the differences between the movie and the novel. the movie has the same plot, while the book has all the time the writer needs to fill in the details.
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