Similarities And Differences Between To Kill A Mockingbird Movie And Movie

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After reading the book To Kill a Mockingbird and watching the movie. I’ve seen a lot of differences and similarities while comparing the book and the movie. The movie doesn’t put every scene that was in the book, it only puts the main points that were in the novel. They didn’t use Scout’s point of view throughout the whole film which didn’t give her perspective of all the events that were occurring. The whole movie was just showing all the events that happened. In the book it gave Scout’s perspective of everything that was occurring. Which gave us more insight of what she thought. Comparing the movie and the book, I’ve seen a lot of similarities. One of the events that happened in both the film and the novel was the courtroom scene. In the beginning of the case Mr. Tate was put to the stand. His testimony was said exactly the way it was in the book. He explains Mayella’s injuries and where they were located on her body. Atticus questions Mr. Tate about which side the bruise on her eye was, and takes in all the information the Sheriff says for the next witness, Mr. Robert Ewell. Mr. Finch used the information given to him from Mr. Heck Tate by questioning Mr. Ewell what hand he writes with. Atticus proceeds to ask him if he agrees with the Sheriff’s testimony. Mr. Ewell confirms that he is sure of what Heck Tate says. Atticus uses Mr. Tate’s testimony to his advantage and asks, “ Mr. Ewell, can you read and right ?” Ewell says he can, and then Atticus asks for him to write. Ewell is left handed just as Mr. Finch had thought. Showing that Ewell could have beaten up Mayella. The ‘victim’, Mayella Ewell is up next to the stand. Mr. Gilmer, the prosecutor continues to go over what had happened the night she allegedly raped. She agre... ... middle of paper ... ...g the novel and watching the movie To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ve concluded that the book and movie have some similarities and plenty of differences. A scene that was very similar was the case. Almost every single line they said in each testimony was exactly the same how it was in the book. There were lots of differences as well. One difference was the way Tom’s arms looked. His arm looked perfectly fine in the movie, but in the novel it supposedly was shorter than the other. Looking at both versions of To Kill a Mockingbird. My favorite version is the the novel. It gives out more meaning to the theme than the movie did. The movie rushes straight into the trial. Unlike, the book it shows the little parts that add up to the theme. Looking at both of the versions, I’ve learned that in any movie that has a book, not everything will be exactly alike or completely different.

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