Similarities And Differences Between The North And South

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During the seventeenth and eighteenth century, slavery had existed and traced back to the north and the south, both vary to the extent of duration. There had been extensive amount of similarities and differences between the north and the south that will be discussed in the following. In the beginning, slavery had not been introduced. Instead it was indentured servitude, which is when a man or woman agrees upon a contract to work for certain amount of years in exchange for transportation to the New World, food, clothing, shelter, and above all, land. Through time, indentured servitude paved the way for a readier acceptance of slavery. Soon it was replaced and was recognized as the most prominent form of bound labor. Through a mist of time, slavery had formed and popularized rapidly. In the colonial South, mortgaging enslaved people had begun to widespread into the geographical regions of Virginia, Louisiana, and South Carolina. The southerners aimed to continue their workforce, thus using human collateral to persuade the merchants to sell their supplies to them on credit. With this in motion,…show more content…
In comparison of the north, the south had over 700,000 slaves. Gradually, the north started to eliminate slavery within their colonies. In the formative era, there had been a total of 11% decrease of the enslaved African American population. Since 1797, all states north of the Mason-Dixon Line had begun to implement the abolishment of slavery. The North believed there would be no great inconvenience or harm in allowing slaves their freedom gradually. Representatives of the North, knew the Declaration of Independence would lead to abolishment of slavery, thus they had gradually started to conform. Although the North had taken its time to evolve and advocate antislavery, their efforts to influence other southern colonies had limited to no effect at

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