Similarities And Differences Between The Giver Movie And Movie

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745 words

The Giver is about a boy named Jonas who was chosen to be the community’s next Receiver of Memory. He lived in a community where everything was chosen for the citizens, and everything was perfect. During Jonas' training, he realized that the community was missing something and that there was more in the world. Jonas wanted everybody to know that. The Giver book was then made into a movie. Though the two were based with the same story plot, there are three important differences that results with two different takes on the same story. The three main differences between the book and the movie are Asher and Fiona's Assignments, the similarity all Receivers had, and the Chief Elder's role. One of the main differences between the book, The Giver,and the movie was Asher and Fiona's Assignments. Asher and Fiona are main characters in the movie and in the book. Asher was assigned to be the Assistant Director of Recreation, “Asher”. She lifted her voice to make the official announcement. ''We have given you the Assignment of Assistant Director of Recreation,'' (pg. 56 - Lois Lowry). However, in the movie, Asher was assigned a Drone Pilot. Fiona was assigned to care for the old, "Even the applause, though enthusiastic, seemed serene when Fiona was given the important Assignment of Care-taker of the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the giver is about a boy named jonas who was chosen to be the community's next receiver of memory.
  • Compares asher and fiona's assignments in the book, the giver, and the movie, stating the difference between the two.
  • Explains that jonas and the previous receivers of memory had one thing in common, and that was having light eyes.
  • Compares the role of the chief elder in the giver book and the movie.
  • Concludes that the giver book and movie are very different from each other. asher and fiona's assignments helped jonas in the movie.

The first main difference was Asher and Fiona's Assignments. This was an important difference because when changing their Assignments, they were able to help Jonas in the movie. The second main difference was a similarity between all Receivers. In the book, they similarly used light eyes to define the Receiver of Memory, but in the movie, it was having a certain birthmark. The final difference was the Chief Elder's role. The Chief Elder was not mentioned a lot in the Giver book, but in the movie, she was one of the main characters. In conclusion, the Giver book and movie are very different from each

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