Similarities And Differences Between The Arab Culture And The Arabic Culture

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Communication style can be defined as a person’s characteristic way of speaking. Every different culture around the world all have their own unique twists on how they communicate in comparison to other cultures. After the completion of an interview with Nabil Haddad, a retired High School science teacher from Lebanon, and the Arabic culture, it was analyzed that there are many similarities and differences between the communication styles between the Arabic culture throughout the middle east, and ours in the United States. After completing analysis of the interview, it was deduced that these two cultures have some major differences in communication style. Between the two cultures, Arabic and American, the major differences can be seen within three major aspects of communication style; the belief of talk and its value, politeness, and presentation of self.…show more content…
Every culture may have different opinions on what it takes to be a ‘good communicator’, and there are countless different characteristics that this person may have. When asked, in his opinion are some characteristics of a ‘good communicator’ “is an extrovert…they have a good command of the language to express themselves. They are curious usually, because if you aren’t curious you’re not interested in communicating” (Haddad). Within the context of the interview, the answers of what characteristics would be seen are very similar to what could be general answers within American culture. Having the understanding of what characteristics are important for good communication in that specific cultures point of view helps as it comes to analyze what can be seen as a foreign

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