Similarities And Differences Between Sparta And Athens

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Society is defined by its culture, it is determined by its cuisines, language, political, social, and religious structures. They are a major factor in the development of a societies progress in history. While some societies could exist around the same area and the same time, this doesn 't mean that they will progress in the same direction. A societies path could vary from different goals, interests, and conflicts. In Ancient Greece, these societies were called city-states or Polis. These polis was created because Greece 's’ environment was too difficult for a single unified government to be established at the time. Commonalities between the polis were; common cultural forms, written language, phonic alphabet, celebrations for Olympic competitions. Two of Ancient Greece’s greatest polis were Athens and Sparta, these two are an excellent example on how cultural differences influenced their history. Their main similarities and differences between Sparta and Athens are their views on the political structure, religion, social life, and their military.…show more content…
Technically all city-states had a strong faith in the Greek polytheistic religion. They both pay homage to the Greek gods to keep them happy and bring order to their society. However, each city-state would plan special events for certain gods that they favored. The people of Sparta favored the Greek figures that are more associated with Olympic events or strengths like the god Aries; the god of war. However, the people of Athens favored Athena, the greek god of wisdom, courage, justice, and war wisdom. The types of gods they favored represent how their societies life is
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