Similarities And Differences Between Snowboarding And Wakeboarding

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Wakeboarding and Snowboarding Have you ever wondered different skills it takes to snowboard and wakeboard? There are actually many differences even though you would think they are super similar. Snowboarding and wakeboarding are sports that are on boards.They both come from snow skiing and waterskiing because people wanted to do more tricks and with a board you are able to do that. For snowboarding you go down a hill full of snow. Wakeboarding you are in water being pulled by a boat or jet ski. There are many differences between snowboarding and wakeboarding such as climates board types, and also different gear. There are many different climates in snowboarding and wakeboarding. Snowboarding is in the winter in freezing weather. Like -30 and…show more content…
Wakeboarding is in the summer in 90 degree weather whereas snowboarding is in the winter in about 30 degree weather. Snowboarding requires you to bundle up with winter coats it is also highly recommended to have a helmet. It is very dangerous not to go without a helmet because it is a very hard surface and you could easily hit your head on a tree. It is very easy to hit ice or loose control so it is a very good idea to have a hment on.“Helmets are becoming more prevalent for skiers and snowboarders nationwide, resulting in the fastest growing segment of the snow sports industry. Sales have risen tenfold since the winter of 1996-97, with more than 650,000 "brain buckets" sold last season.” On the other hand when your wakeboarding you don't need a helmet because you are in water and the fastest you will get going is about 30 MPH. Wakeboarding just requires a board rope and boat. A lot of people just say it's basically the new way to surf. ''It's really surfing behind a boat,'' said Jeff Barton, senior editor of Launch Wakeboarding Magazine in San Clemente, Calif. ''It was invented by the surfers out here who were looking for something to do on the days when the waves were down (Barton).'' Wakeboarding is going to be a lot cheaper as well because a good board for both of them is around the 350 dollars. But with snowboarding you are going to have to go to a ski resort and get tickets. Not to mention all the winter cloths you need and you are gonna want the top of the line gear to stay warm. As you can see snowboarding takes a lot more gear than wakeboarding does. But they are both very fun in their own ways and keep you busy all year

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