Similarities And Differences Between Romeo And Juliet And West Side Story

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Romeo and Juliet’s love story was miserable but captivating in Shakespeare’s play, while in West Side Story it was musical and lively. In shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet fall in love, but their families hate each other because of bad history. In West Side Story Tony and Maria fall in love but they are in different groups. Jets are American’s, and the Sharks are Puerto Ricans, both of the groups hate each other because they are of different cultures and they can 't accept each other. Also because they are fighting over the territory. I 'm going to be proving how the play and musical are different, even though they are based on each other. An American gang the Jets doesn’t like a Puerto Rican gang, Sharks.At a dance at a gym,…show more content…
Instead of bloody fights, the movie puts in dance and singing scenes. The characters are also different because some of them are in relationships, while others even completely change their role. For example Bernardo is Maria’s brother in the story, while in the original play Tybalt plays her cousin. The nurse is also not in a relationship with anyone, while Anita is in a relationship with Bernardo and that fact drastically changes the storyline. Maria and Juliet are very different. While Maria is poor and has a job, Juliet is rich and is not employed. Towards the end of the original play Juliet kills herself after Romeo dies, but Maria doesn’t. Tony and Romeo also show quite a difference in character. Tony is a leader of a gang and poor, while Romeo is rich and married. In the end Romeo kills himself, while Tony is running away from Chino. Chino is similar to Paris in Romeo and Juliet, but a little different because Paris got killed by Romeo, while Chino slew Tony. Friar Laurence and the Doc are different in many ways.The Doc does not get very involved in their relationship, while Friar Laurence made some of the most important decisions in the story. West Side Story’s setting is set in the Upper West side of New York City in the late 1950s, while Romeo and Juliet is set mostly in Verona and Mantua, Italy. The musical is mostly set on the
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